Some players like myself would enjoy OSRS gold sport style Exchange that is pre-Grand. The idea being that you can trade with other players, however not use the GE or exchange with anyone who utilizes the GE. I was thinking this could be like a huge scale set Ironman? That way players may be as those who can use the GE on the exact same world, they just can not interact with each other because that defeats the point, but they can interact with anyone else who also can not use the GE.

Players weren't short of suggestions for what we should do. As dev time is a finite resource, that's wound up being squeezed, frequently in directions that were anticipated to have a far better effects that is commercial. For instance, throughout much of 2018, a great deal of dev period was notionally spent on PvP, but almost all of it had been in the form of the incessant DMM seasons/tournaments (during which you may recall trending criticism such as"Everybody: Repair the Wilderness / Jagex: Here is another Deadman") then PvP AllStars in late 2018 was selected for development instead of attempting the BH rework that had been promised from the 2017-18 RuneFests.

These days it's better understood throughout the studio that PvP issues that were fixing is well worth the moment the team obtaining the range to put together. It's not confirmed that those changes will happen - after all, some players disagree they're all good ideas - however we do hope to deliver on the accepted ones in the forthcoming weeks and months. Together with smaller-scale items like the current changes to obliterating chinchompas and falling items.

Do you guys think like RS did, together with constant content to buy RS gold updates games can execute OS versions? This past year we watched wow classic, and a lot of OSRS was mentioned, but so far they didn't bring any new content.I do think so, but it's worth noting that these types of classic versions (OSRS/WoW Classic) only really blossom when there's a level of disillusion using a game's playerbase. I suppose the perfect scenario is a level of consistency to maintain the confidence and love of a game's playerbase? I've seen some WAR and SWG private servers flourishing. I understand LOTRO are doing things with their servers that are staggered-release.