Path of Exile is a very difficult game, as can be seen from its core ranking. The Path of Exile hardcore ranking shows which players are in which position in hardcore mode. Since the start of the MMOAH Delirium Expansion Alliance, the number of gamers on the death list has surged, does it include you? This all shows that the new league Delirium is indeed very difficult, and survival requires great effort or luck.
What is Hardcore-Modus? If the player plays the game under Hardcore-Modus, then you will enter Standard-Modus when you die. In Hardore mode, the player is considered dead, but can continue to play the normal game. Does it sound ridiculous?
The developer said that there are already some fixes to reduce the difficulty, which is indeed good news. These fixes can reduce the damage caused by monsters by 20%, 40% or even 50%. At the same time, it also reduces the opponent's health and attack speed. This also reflects the difficulty of the game from the side. But have these procedures achieved the desired results? From the core ranking of Path of Exile, it still has some effect. Although we can still see gamers on the death list, the number is declining.
Path of Exile's difficulty change is a double-edged sword. Some players like its sturdyness as an action RPG game; another part of players find it too frustrating. But Path of Exile developers have received unanimous praise for these mixed complaints and the speed of their appreciation. On Steam, Brown_Town86 disagrees. They think the reward change looks very good, but they are surprised that the game is so difficult.
But for now, Path of Exile is more and more popular with gamers, and darkness and killing will be on the POE Items right track. What do you think of this change? Does the difficulty of Path of Exile need to be adjusted?