The Beginning Bodybuilder’s Guide

Bodybuilding involves using resistance exercises to increase your strength. Over time, these types of exercises will usually cause muscles to become larger. While these exercises are important, it’s also crucial to eat correctly to build muscle. Your muscles need adequate protein and calories to grow. The diet to follow when bodybuilding is different from a standard  because you need sufficient calories to build muscle.


Bodybuilding Basics

To begin a bodybuilding routine, you will need athletic shoes, comfortable workout clothing, a water bottle, and perhaps a towel.  It’s best to start a new routine slowly so you don’t suffer injuries. Working with a coach is a good idea because you can get tips and suggestions for good exercises that will work for you. Getting results from bodybuilding takes time. Don’t expect to see drastic changes within a few days or even a week or two. Plan to engage in regular weightlifting sessions over the long term to build muscles.

Diet Tips for Bodybuilding

Pay attention to your diet to get the most results from bodybuilding. You need to make sure you eat enough calories of the right kinds of foods for the best results. You will need carbohydrates for fuel to give you the energy you need to lift. You will also need to eat about 500 extra calories every day if you want to gain about one pound of muscle every week. This probably entails about 10 to 14 extra grams of protein every day, which you can get by just adding an extra 2 ounces of chicken to your plate.

Bodybuilding Safety Guidelines

Lifting weights can be dangerous if you don’t follow safety guidelines and rules. One of the most important rules for lifting weights is to always have another person with you while you lift. This person can help spot you while you perform the repetitions, which means that the person will help you if you get into trouble and can’t complete the movement. It’s also very important to have a full understanding of equipment before you use it to avoid injuries.