As you already know, Test Cypionate is an injectable steroid. For TRT treatment purposes, injections are usually given every 10 to 14 days. When used in performance settings by bodybuilders and athletes, test Cyp injections are usually given twice a week. Most people give even doses every Monday and Thursday throughout the cycle.


Before discussing the information provided further, you should be familiar with how to control self-injection. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to ask a friend, someone significant, or someone who knows how to properly inject steroids.

While some people get an injection from a doctor, self-injection is common in the bodybuilding and fitness industries. This should be done with caution and using a sterilizer that can be purchased (without a prescription) at your local pharmacy. Injections are made in the glut area, shoulders, and quadriceps (the most common area).

If you are taking Test Cyp from a health care professional, there is no possibility of overdose. But if overdose occurs, it may be fatal. Seek medical advice immediately.


Here are two points you need to know if you want to proceed with test C:

  1. You may be prescribed to go for a blood test.


  1. Testosterone may also affect bone growth in boys being treated for delayed puberty. In such cases, your doctor may suggest an x-ray every 6 months while you are being treated.


Why do I need to stack the read testosterone with another anabolic steroid?