Anderin or S4 are often referred to as mild SARMs because they are unfair compared to more powerful mass-built SARMS such as the LGD4033 and RAD140.

However, in reality, it was not intended to be used as a muscle to gain SARMs.

Instead, it really shines with a cutting cycle that amplifies the rate of lipolysis and also increases muscle pumps and blood vessels.

This will be the perfect compound to add during the last few weeks of contest preparation. A position that Winstol and Masteron have long held.

It makes you look leaner, burns the fat around your stomach and makes your veins more visible. But you need to suffer from defeated'debilitating muscle spasms and joint pain.

# 2 – Anderin Protects Muscle During Aggressive Cuts


During an aggressive cut, your body tends to catabolize the muscles you earn for survival as you try to drop those pounds faster.

This leads to loss of muscle along with loss of fat and is unavoidable unless you are using gear.

Anderin helps significantly prevent muscle loss during aggressive cuts. You can continue to lose fat while maintaining the hard earned profits.

This makes it ideal for body reconstruction stacks.

# 3 – Anderin Offers Insane Pumps That Last All Day

 One of Andarin's innate qualities is to provide a pump that lasts all day. However, these are not the painful pumps caused by Winstrol.

Instead, a vascular clogged pump leads to the physique of an aesthetic fitness model that has become very popular these days.

# 4 – Anderin increases strength


What most people don't know is that Andarine is also the compound of choice for general fitness use.


It makes you look slimmer, makes you stronger and increases your strength.

You can lift better, run faster and run longer without crashing.

The results aren't as clear as you'd get with Caldarin. However, these two compounds can be stacked for large body remodeling cycles, along with large amounts of SARMs such as LGD.


So you've got Cardarine, S-4 and LGD, which are perfect reconstruction stacks.

For general fitness, Ostarin and S-4 can be used.

# 5 – Anderin May Help Reduce Prostate Weight.

One of the therapeutic uses of S-4 has been to reduce prostate weight in BPH patients. It is a partial agonist of the prostate androgen receptor and is effective as an anti-estrogen, like finasteride, in reducing the weight of the prostate.

In animal models, relatively low doses reduced prostate weight by 79%.

However, it is much safer because it does not cause the adverse effects associated with finasteride, such as the risk of impotence.


This makes S-4 an excellent compound to be used as an adjunct to anabolic steroids that can compromise prostate health.

Running S-4 with testosterone minimizes water retention, burns fat, makes blood vessels more visible, and keeps your prostate healthy.

# 6-S4 Does Not Cause Androgen or Estrogen Profile


Anderin functions as a full agonist of muscle and bone tissue. This means increasing lean muscle mass, bone strength and bone density.

However, because it is a non-hormonal and non-steroidal compound, it does not aromatize and does not cause side effects of male hormones such as excessive hair growth or hair loss.

For women, it does not cause virilization or deepening of the voice.

What can Winstrol or most anabolic steroids cause?


# 7 – The side effects of vision caused by S4 are temporary and reversible

 There was a lot of talk about the visual side effects caused by'S-4. I even read a message board post that said S-4 might blind you.

That ’s a scary idea.

But fortunately, there's nothing of a kind'to worry about.

S-4 binds to ocular receptors and causes some side effects. Most users experience a loss or lack of peripheral vision at night.


Others have reported that things are yellowish.

The first one is more troublesome as it can affect your ability to drive at night.

Others have reported some difficulty adjusting when moving from a dark room to a bright one.


What's even more important is that all these side effects are temporary. If you stop using S-4, it will stop working. It also seems to be dose-dependent.


If you stick to low doses, these side effects may not appear at all.

However, these are research chemicals and have different effects on people. If you notice a change in vision, you can gradually reduce the dose or stop using it altogether.


 At the end

Whether you are a seasoned steroid user or a cheeky person trying to soak your toes in steroids, consider using Andarine or S-4 instead of toxic steroids such as Winstrol.


You get almost the same result without serious risk.

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