Why World of Warcraft can exist for a long time, and what can allow players to play an MMO game for 15 years, this really needs to pay a lot. For some time, World of Warcraft provided players with a way to continuously improve their game level by increasing the WOW Classic Gold For Sale battles of magic pets and increasing the difficulty of dungeons. What players love will eventually become a permanent part of the game. Most players hope that the random rogue dungeons in the Shadowlands expansion will be retained forever, which is the best thing added in the game.
Torghast is a very mature roguelike game in World of Warcraft. When the player enters, each floor is randomly generated, and you will encounter many different monsters. As you enter the tower, you will unlock powerful new features that will create interesting interactions. Torghast is extremely challenging. If there are too many player deaths, then you will have to start again. It can be said that chaos and fun coexist.
Once Shadowlands is released, Torghast will become the new endgame for the main story character. He was originally a source of materials for making and customizing new items. Unlike the conventional dungeon design, the former needs a party that insists on the roles of tank, healer and destroyer, but why can Torghast explore by himself, of course, can also play with friends of the same level. Each floor of Torghast is full of random enemies with different abilities. At the same time, you also have a chance to get a random reward called Anima Powers.
One of my favorite is Anima Power, which can expand the metamorphosis ability of the player's demon hunter, which allows the player to transform into a powerful demon in a very short time. Whenever the
WOW Classic Gold player finishes the kill, the Anima Power will extend the timer. Most players will retain Metamorphosis for battle due to its four-minute cooldown.