Shadowlands’Torghast Dungeon Dungeon will change the WOW Classic Gold MMO and have a great impact. This is also our impression of the new dungeon. Every update of World of Warcraft will have at least one big function, which also provides players with a new gameplay. Shadowlands will be released later this year, and the biggest new feature is Torghast. The dungeon can be said to be an endgame example, can accommodate about 5 people, and has a rogue structure, players can climb the floor of a real tower until death.
Players can also play Torghast during Shadowlands Alpha, and for a long time after the end of the shadow world, this new endgame feature will become World of Warcraft's live wow game change thinking. Blizzard's official trailer Torghast explained that the new game content will be inspired by rouge-like games and will have reproducible features. In Alpha, players can line up in multiple difficulties, but when the game is officially released, players will start from the second floor, and as players continue to deepen the floor, the challenge will become more and more difficult.
Twitch personality Towelilee interviewed Blizzard developer Paul Kubit on his channel last week. Kubit also told everyone a lot of details about Torghast. Although the design of each level contains static and dynamic, the creatures on each floor are automatically generated. There will also be some fixed times, such as boss fights every sixth floor.
Torghast can be run alone or in team games, but it can only be up to 5 people. When you jump in for the first time, you will stand alone as a frost mage and use your frost ability to attack two at a time, but be very serious, otherwise they will be out of attack range. When you just enter the sixth floor and have the first boss fight, you will get great achievements, at the same time, you will also get a very rich loot.
I have to tell you that death is a very important thing in Torghast. If you have too many deaths, then the game will have the opportunity to push the reset for your mistakes and continue to climb. When a soloist or group has killed a certain number of dead people on the same floor, the WOW Classic Gold For Sale tower will summon a weird thing. Players call him Tarragrue, the difficulty will be greater, so players need to be more careful Prevent excessive deaths.