In the autumn and winter seasons, the weather is getting colder and more humid, and many furniture are prone to moisture in this sensitive period, which will affect their service life. Here, the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet manufacturer gives you a knowledge about the moisture resistance of laundry cabinets.

Stunt 1: Metal high-leg design-refuse to extend the moisture upward

If the laundry cabinet is made of wooden cabinet legs, it is easy to get wet, and it will unintentionally lead the moisture to the cabinet body, which will cause the entire cabinet to deform. If metal is used as the leg material to support the cabinet at the bottom of the cabinet, the problem is solved ingeniously.

Stunt 2: Waterproof material (waterproof primer, topcoat)-the first barrier against water vapor

The wooden laundry cabinet is easily deformed by absorbing water, so it has very strict requirements on the surrounding environment. If the balcony is not well ventilated, it will easily affect the service life of the laundry cabinet.

When choosing a laundry cabinet, it depends on whether the waterproof primer and topcoat are done well. Ouye balcony laundry cabinet adopts PE baking paint process. After the product is formed, it is treated with paint waterproof primer for 4 times. After 3 painting processes, the water vapor can be drilled seamlessly.

Stunt 3: Infrared Drying Technology-Makes the water vapor nowhere to hide

After the solid wood paint process is completed, if the water in the paint is not separated through a special process, the water in the paint will penetrate into the solid wood, and the solid wood will burst or rot for a long time. Ou Ye balcony laundry cabinet adopts imported infrared drying technology, which is characterized by drying the paint from the inner layer to the outer layer, separating the moisture in the paint, so that the moisture is nowhere to hide.

Stunt 4: Hardware connectors-small accessories

The hardware connectors include slide rails, hinges and other parts. Although they are only small accessories, they are responsible for opening and closing the laundry cabinet. Ordinary hardware connectors are more delicate, and slight corrosion and rust will cause the cabinet door and drawer to fail to open or close, and affect the service life of the laundry cabinet. Shanghai Laundry Cabinet Company adopts hardware connectors with buffer and anti-collision functions, which easily eliminates the noise when closing the door, solves the collision between the door and the cabinet body and wears a waterproof topcoat, making the water vapor seamlessly drillable.

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