In order to give players a satisfactory explanation, the two XP competitions of World of Warcraft actually extended the competition period. The wind of wisdom that was originally planned to end on Monday will continue until the patch for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion is released. But now the release date of Shadowlands has not been determined, and it is impossible to specify exactly when to get the patch to fill the gap with the current expansion, which means that World of Warcraft players now have a lot of time to prepare for the game You can get double experience points by doing missions, fighting monsters or other games. This is actually good news for most people, they get a lot of preparation time.

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In the past few months, players will have twice the experience value and reputation rewards when they are on missions, and during this time period, you can also quickly upgrade your character to level 120, and it ’s easy Eliminate players with higher prestige from certain factions, while also enjoying the excellent "Allied Race" rewards, mounts and other items. If you want to prepare for the release of Shadowlands, then start a World of Warcraft Vanilla WOW Gold game tour now.

During the journey, you may have to wait for a while. Excluding this interesting new startup area, Exile's Reach, Blizzard is conducting a comprehensive inspection of its leveling system, compressing the current 120 level limit to half. In addition, you also need to upgrade. This time the upgrade method is different from usual. You do not need to choose to enter the old area of ??Warcraft, but only need to choose one of the previous expansions to play, which will keep your character level expanded to 50. Level, then you can open Shadowlands.

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The storyline of World of Warcraft may be very confusing and unpredictable for many gamers, which may be caused by the expansion and improvement of World of Warcraft after 15 years. Although this event can get double Classic WOW Gold rewards, but this new system makes the entire game process easier and more convenient, the way to end the game will be greatly shortened.