With the spread of this disease, COVID-19, people's lives around the world have been affected, so it is very important to understand the spread of this disease. Generally, when understanding a new type of virus, epidemiologists and virologists will first use models to explain opinions and predict results. What does Blizzard's World of Warcraft have to do with infectious disease research?

Now let ’s go back to 2005, when the player was fighting the biggest leader Soaklayer (Soaklayer), infected with a serious debuff, known as Corrupted Blood. Players could have wiped it, cleared the debuff and regenerated or quit, which means that the disease can only last for a few minutes, but due to the carelessness of the players, they have expanded the negative effects. For example, when pets and minions used by warlocks or hunters are dispelled and called again, they may absorb corrupt blood and act as carriers. This will be a terrible problem.

Under normal circumstances, due to the addition of these pets and minions, the blood of corruption has a channel to spread from one player to another. When the lower level player encounters another infected person, it will die in just a few seconds. Even more frightening is that this disease also has asymptomatic virus carriers, that is, people who spread infectious diseases in their systems but do not have any signs of the disease, such as WOW Classic Gold can be infected with the disease, but not hurt.

Obviously, this poses a major problem for the server. Players can log in, but are likely to be infected by nearby players or NPCs and die. This will not only cause damage to the device, but also cause strong protests and anger among players. Blizzard reported that there were more than 4 million players at the time, and these players would be sufficient samples to study human behavior during the pandemic.

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Of course, the corruption blood pandemic is not a completely accurate simulation. The character's death in the game is very different from the real human death. In the game, players can simply rebirth and return to the area they want to go to. In reality, the cost of an epidemic is much higher, and people cannot die. But the "corrupt blood" incident of "World of Warcraft" is still a case study of human behavior.

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