Below, the Bed Elevator manufacturer will teach you the basic etiquette of taking the elevator in the workplace:

1. When accompanying guests or elders to the elevator hall door: first press the elevator call button. When the car arrival hall door is open: If there are more than one person, you can enter the elevator first, press the door open button with one hand, and press and hold the side door of the elevator with the other hand. Politely please enter, invite guests or elders to enter the elevator car.

2. After entering the elevator: press the floor button of the guest or elder. If other people enter the elevator travel room, you can take the initiative to ask how many floors you want to go to and help press. It can be seen whether there is noise in the elevator, for example: when there are no other people, you can make a little noise, and when there are outsiders or other colleagues, you can consider whether it is necessary to make noise. Try to face the customer sideways in the elevator.

3. Reaching the destination floor: hold down the door opening button with one hand, and make the action of asking out with the other hand, you can say: "When you arrive, please first!" After the guests walked out of the elevator, they immediately stepped out of the elevator and guided the direction of travel with enthusiasm.

Organized and shared by HUZHOU FUJI ELEVATOR CO.,LTD. , hoping to help those in need.