Madden 20 simulation: Ravens avenge playoff loss, cruise to easy win over Titans

2019 Ravens runs through the NFL like a college team against freshmen. After completing the game from September 2nd to 2nd, the Ravens scored 12 straight victories, most of them through multiple touchdowns, and they won the top seed in the AFC playoffs. They were in a magical state until Derrick Henry and the Titans entered the town in the form of 6 seeds and beat them in their own game.

Throughout the offseason, Eric DeCosta and the front desk worked hard to prevent another shocking discomfort. In the 10th week of our mock season, they got the revenge they were looking for.

The Titans kept the ball very close in the first half, but eventually the Ravens retired with a home win of 24-13. The Ravens have excellent performance in all aspects: pass, sprint, defense and special teams. More importantly, they proved their ability to shut down Derrick Henry completely, who completed 75 yards with only 20 field goals. Want to have superstar-like performance? MUT Coins in GameMS will definitely not let you down!

The Ravens' young quarterback struggled in his last three games and will see him again around the 8th week, but he finally recovered his status in the 10th week. In the face of the only four teams that once lost their MVP, Jackson was on time all afternoon. He threw three touchdowns, only one less than the number of times he completed in the afternoon. Jackson's stats will not hit anyone anyway, because winning this game does not require a lot of throws. But his efficiency and leadership have been excellent since he jumped. Victory and defeat are commonplace among military strategists, but our goal is to win the game. Buy Madden Coins is a good helper that can help you play well.

The Ravens' most experienced senior receiver has not enjoyed his most successful season in Madden's simulation, but he strengthened the most important part of the field on Sunday.

Snead only got 6 passes, a poor 32 yards, but half of his relays were touchdowns. Snead has no advantage in height, but he knows how to find flaws in the opponent's defense, which can give full play to his quarterback advantage. When facing the Titans, this became his best game of the season.

After Jackson made several turnovers in a row for weeks, the Ravens quarterback finally ruled the game on a day without errors. On the other side of the ball, the volleyball deputies stepped up the game in a way they didn't have throughout the season, and Titan quarterback Ryan Tannehill was intercepted twice.

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