From level 1 to level 20: Get familiarized with Phantasy Star Online 2 interface. Visit all regions of the PSO2AH ship: the reception the café, the casino of Franca, your own room. These can help you understand Phantasy Star Online 2 more, will let you obtain your subclass, your mag along with your auxiliar; and you'll unlock fishing and harvesting options on quest maps.I highly advise that you perform the tutorials for all the classes: this will let you be aware of the classes of Phantasy Star Online 2, its own weapons and how they're used. It is going to also assist you in making a decision as to which class you like the most and the way to nourish your MAG.

The teacher for each course are located in the Gate area's floor. They're: a young human man with hair in a ponytail, Oza. He is the teacher for the Hunter and Fighter courses. Risa, a CAST lady with white and navy blue parts. She's the teacher of the Ranger and Gunner courses. Marlu (Marle? She is the instructor of the Force and Techter courses. Azanami, a youthful human woman with red hair in a ponytail. She's the instructor of this Braver class. Pietro, a Deuman guy with green hair and dark blue costume, would be the teacher of the Summoner class. At this phase the weapon and the components you have aren't too essential in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Remember to claim the titles that you get during Phantasy Star Online 2, together with the NPC Lachesis. She is at the Title Counter, on the side of the Gate towards the campship. A window will open that displays any Titles newly earned upon speaking with her. Then, a complete collection of the Titles that have been acquired is shown, and people you have not already claimed rewards for are recorded in orange text. Just click one, and you'll get the rewards and also the capacity to decide on that Title to display over your operative's name. (from the PSO2 webpage )

From level 20 to level 40: now you can enter the tough issue of the maps. In case you haven't done your course teacher's missions yet, now's a fantastic time to perform them. You can use Kressida's missions as a guide to go to the different areas of each planet, and if you haven't done Afin's assignments still, you can do them along with Kressida's assignments. You can do assignments from Amelin, Io and Franca later. Remember to keep doing the missions of Cofy. Also, there is a quest from your class instructor (at level 30) that will give you 5 Ability Points to invest in your skilltree. Remember to perform those missions for your subclass along with your primary course.

At this time, your firearms and units begin to acquire significance. I advise that you have weapons of your class at 4* - 6* of rarity at +10 minimum, and units of at least 4* - 6* of rarity at +5 minimum. If you've got better weapons and units, that's great. And in case you haven't made rings to your personality nevertheless, this is a good time to do it. Now it is a fantastic idea to start after the narrative of Phantasy Star Online 2. Bear in mind that you can follow the narrative in two manners: an easy manner that does not ask for a great deal, and a challenging manner which can test your character's abilities. If you follow the narrative in easy mode, you can repeat it in tough mode when you have more better and level weapons and units. Also at this point it's a fantastic idea to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta start entering Urgent Quests, so you can get better things and exp to your character. Remember to keep claiming your titles.