ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore it may comes as an surprise to many people that there is no requirement in the ISO 9001 for the Management Review Meetings.  The standard does not mention meetings at all, only that company have the Top Management must has the review the Quality Management System at an planned intervals to ensure continuing the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.  The review needs to assess the information from a list of Management  Review inputs to assess the opportunities for the improvement and determine needs to change the Quality Policy and Objectives.

What are the required Management Review Inputs?

ISO 9001 Consultancy in Saudi Arabia inputs could be added as the desired by the company, ISO 9001 has a minimum list of seven inputs that has a Top Management needs to review to assess the health of the QMS.  If you are to satisfactorily assess the information to judge the Quality Management System to be an adequate, without holding a meeting, there are several and smaller reviews that need to happen.  Some ideas on how to accomplish this are below.

Results of Audits:                                       

ISO 9001 Consultancy in Bangalore Does the company Management Representative review the audit reports and has to ensure that they are included in the audit planning for the year? If this is the case, then you have someone in the Top Management who is reviewing the results of the audits and how they are improving the present Management system.  Any audit reports, if they include this review information, are not only records of the audits, but also records of the given Management Review.

Customer Feedback:

ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia you have to keep a log of the present customer feedback that has been received? Whether this log include a record of any actions taken and which manager is responsible for this? If you ensure that the Top Management is involved in the review of the present logs as they are processed, and  many top mangers are more than interested in customer satisfaction, then you might have a record of not only review of these issues but management of the resources to address them.

Process Performance and Product Conformity:

ISO 9001 Consulting Services in Bangalore Does your company keep the metrics of the main processes, sometimes called Key Process Indicators, which are used to judge the adequacy of the processes? Often, these will include the Non-Conforming Material process as one of the indicators.  If these are in the place, of reviewed by an identified members of the Top Management, and used to make the resource decisions on the improvements to the processes then a Management Review is taking place.



Status of Preventive and Corrective Actions:

ISO 9001 in Saudi Arabia If the Top Management is involved in the review steps of the Corrective and Preventive Action process, ensuring follow-up to improve the system and the resource needs to address them, then the Management Review of this input can be considered to be in the place without additional meetings.

What are the Required Management Review Outputs?


ISO 9001 consultant in Bangalore is the most important one to note that there is no requirement for any minutes of the meeting, but records might need to be maintained to show that the Management Review has been successfully identified the following outputs for the Quality Management System.


Resource Needs: Top Management is almost always involved in the overall resource planning of a company; in fact, it is one of their most important roles.  All that needs to happen is the documentation of the reason behind the choices of the resource needs to be able to show that the review of Top Management has resulted in this plan.


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