Although Prey still has a certain gap compared with Prey's group, most monsters' defensive mechanism and skill mode are the same. Among them, the most complicated mechanism is the BOSS in the Sky Lair. Next, we will share with you some mechanisms and methods for responding to Pres boss.

After entering the game, the player will be divided into two light and dark world lines, and the two world lines can be converted by tabs, and there will be a certain cooling time after each conversion.

The two worlds will be slightly different in the mechanism attack mode and require certain communication and cooperation to complete the mechanism to complete the defense. During the game, you may need some DFO Gold to ensure the smooth progress of the game.

Skill 1: Isis pedals on the ground, causing a range of damage while centering on himself. At the same time, a lot of feathers are sprinkled outside the circle. After the feathers land, a large-scale explosion will be produced. When using the skill, the ground will be marked. , You can concentrate on avoiding.

Skill 2: Isis knocked all players back a short distance, and the screen showed the whole world is under the hood of my wings. In the process of Isis throwing feathers on the ground, try to cover the entire map with feathers to facilitate the response to subsequent full-screen attacks by Isis.

Skill 3: Isis enters the invincible state, the screen shows Dispute is about to end, and then flew into the air, and then will carry out four sliding shovel attacks on the map.

Skill 4: Isis enters the invincible state, knocking the player back a short distance, and the screen shows My wind cuts the moon and cuts the moon! And then flew into the air.

Players need to move to avoid the small whirlwind. Shockwave can jump to avoid according to the prompt. If you are accidentally hit, don't worry, we can use the potion to force up the blood. After the mechanism is over, Isis will knock down all players and use the full-screen spike skill. After that, you need to use the crouching skill to avoid spikes. After crouching, Isis's defense will be greatly reduced.

Skill 5: Isis knocked back all players for a short distance. After the My Magic is everywhere! Appeared in the center of the screen, random explosions occurred throughout the light and dark world, causing extremely high damage.

Refresh the characters on the Runestone every 5 seconds, refreshing 6 waves in total. If there are more than 3 waves of successful typing, the defense is successfully broken, and if less than 3 waves, Isis launches an explosion attack that can almost cover the full screen. Here, players in the two worlds need to communicate promptly. One person reports the characters, and one person looks at the characters. If they find the same characters, they directly inform each other and knock them out.

It should be noted that in normal mode, Pre Isis will not enter the state of breaking defense, and the weak time after each mini-game is only about 5 seconds. Isis's killing, while outputting to Isis, beheaded Isis. You can buy DFO Gold on to help you win.