Therefore, in the case of the same power, the life of LED stadium lamps and lanterns mainly depends on the performance of the cooling materials used in the lighting equipment and the structural design of the lighting equipment.LED street lamp manufacturers it is a solid-state cold light source, with environmental protection, non-pollution, less power consumption, high light efficiency, long life and other characteristics, therefore, LED street lamps will become a good choice for road lighting energy-saving transformation.

Because LED luminaires convert electrical energy into visible light, there is a problem of not converting 100% of electrical energy into light energy. According to the law of conservation of energy, excess electrical energy is converted into heat energy. If the LED light heat dissipation structure design is unreasonable, this part of the heat can not be quickly eliminated, then due to the small size of the LED package, LED lamps and lanterns will accumulate a lot of thermal energy, which reduces the life.

Hot-Selling Street Light Housing Wholesale solution for LED motion lighting systems - a patented heat dissipation material that combines the benefits of components such as aluminium, expanded graphite and silica powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation properties, which can extend the life of LED lights and increase actual light fluxFF.

The degradation of the quality of the material leads to the problem of photodegradation. Usually venue lights are used for a long time and some materials are susceptible to oxidation. As the temperature of LED luminaires increases, these materials will repeatedly oxidize at high temperatures, losing quality and shortening their life. At the same time, because of the switch, the lamp causes a lot of thermal expansion and cooling, destroying the strength of the material, which can easily lead to problems of light failure.

In solving this problem, Hot-Selling Street Light Housing supplier's LED sports lighting system also has a unique cooling technology, the heat dissipation materials used in the raw materials are evenly dispersed, dense structure, light quality, waterproof, the surface is not easy to rust, the material heat resistance is low, fast thermal conductivity, durable, solving the problem of light attenuation caused by the common LED field lights easily aging.

Prolonged overheating can easily lead to inconsistent light and color of the lights and lanterns. This is a common problem with LED lights. As the temperature of LED stadium lights increases, the electrical impedance increases, the current increases and the heat increases. In this reciprocating cycle, more and more heat eventually causes the light to discolor, resulting in poor light stability. Hot-Selling Street Light Housing supplier-led sports lighting systems offer high stability, reliability and thermal conductivity under the light colour effect. It maintains a constant level of light and consistency of light color.

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