USUALLY ARE, April 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- by NetworkWire – First Ozone Inc. (“First Ozone” or the “Company”), a master in ozonated water-based disinfection models, today announces that this company has increased production by 100% in order to reach the sudden, growing demand because of its ozone-based disinfection systems – such as orders from restaurants, business kitchens and nursing properties, as well as cell businesses, such as supply services and transportation organizations. Ozone is considered a great value alternative to bleach, as it is just a naturally derived product.

“Health care workers world wide are challenged by using diluted bleach as a solution for disinfection in treatment centers, retirement amenities, nursing homes, transportation cars, ships and food plant life, ” stated Nick Niksefat, president of First Ozone Inc. “Bleach and prepared disinfection products are developing high demand and are difficult to purchase, and there is your added issue of storing and mixing toxic substances. The ozone solution produced over the Company’s point-of-use water purification system is an extremely effective disinfectant and completely safe for skin contact. ”

How Ozone Functions
Ozone is produced naturally by UV (sunlight) along with high voltage discharge (lightning storms). The distinctive scent one smells outdoors on a lightning storm is the particular smell of ozone. It is probably the ways nature cleans mid-air we breathe. Ozone consists of three oxygen molecules. It really is produced when UV or an electrical charge passes through the oxygen molecule (two oxygen atoms of O2) as well as breaks it apart. Once the single atoms regather, many people become three atoms involving oxygen, which is currently the highly oxidative molecule identified as ozone. When the static-loaded ozone molecule (O3) would make contact with something “oxidation effective, ” such as bacterias, virus, molds and different microbials, ozone destroys all of them on contact.

Ozone may be broadly used for is purified and disinfection. Its largest industry use is perfect for the safe treatment (disinfection) with municipal water, as affecting the Metropolitan Water Centre of Southern California. Ozone can also be being increasingly used within the food processing, restaurant along with pharmaceutical industries.

As a good example, two of First Ozone’s purchasers, Erewhon organic supermarkets and Coral Tree Café restaurants, have recently adopted that Company’s ozonated water systems just as one added protective measure intended for food and surface disinfection at their RTE (ready for you to eat) commissary operations.

Ozonated drinking water disinfects 3, 000 times faster which is 50% stronger than chlorine products and solutions, and it is healthy, as recognized by your USDA. The FDA and EPA have further approved the application of ozone as an antibacterial agent for over A decade.

First Ozone systems are manufactured in the usa and are easily installed at point of use; primarily a cold-water harness. The systems are installed and maintained because of the Company’s certified First Ozone workforce of technicians. First Ozone solutions leave behind no residues, down flavors or tastes. The Company’s Ozone product 100% chemical-free and certified organic – its just byproduct is oxygen.

Purchasing First Ozone products or or learn more, visit this Company’s website at https: //firstozone. com/.

With regards to First Ozone Inc.
Initial Ozone, based in Chicago, California, is the builder and manufacturer of patent-pending disinfection in addition to water treatment systems. That Company’s technologies produce ozonated waters for food processors, places to eat, nursing homes and facilities that need the highest degree of microbial protection in a very completely safe and natural manner. First Ozone currently presents supermarkets and restaurants a cost-effective route to safely disinfect meat, chicken, seafood, fruits and veggies. All food industry goods are National Sanitation Foundation, International (NSF) Registered. ozone water systems 201911ld