He had 3 careers, spoke 7 languages ​​and became a bodybuilder - this is what he discovered

130 kilos in 1 meter and 80 centimeters of pure muscle. Behind him, more than 50 professional bodybuilding competitions, including a second and two third places in Mister Olympia, the highest professional bodybuilding competition that actor Arnold Schwarzenegger would win seven times. This was Nasser El Sonbaty on the outside. On the inside, his academic baggage was not insignificant: he had a degree in History, Political Science and Sociology and spoke seven languages ​​(Serbian, English, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish and German).

Considered the Raymond Poulidor of this activity, El Sonbaty was always a great defender of the 'mens sana in corpore sana': “Sport plus education; I always knew it was the best possible combination ”he defended in an interview on 'Bodybuilding.com' (pull-up)

95% of professionals have to sell drugs, prostitute themselves, work in security or do porn to survive

As a symbol of this fusion of mind and body that it enacted, the eternal bodybuilding second came out on stage with his characteristic wire-frame glasses. Sonbaty always considered the results unfair. Fed up with what he considered to be manipulated competitions, he decided to tell the darkest secrets of this discipline. In 2013, the bodybuilding world would mourn his death. Among the most afflicted were not precisely the highest officials of the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness).

Drugs and tricks

Born in Stuttgart to an Egyptian father and a Serbian mother, his career in bodybuilding would begin in 1983, when he was barely 18 springs. His arrival at Mister Olympia would not happen, however, until 1994. During all that time El Sonbaty would continue attending his classes at the university: “My father, who is an engineer and worked for Mercedes Benz, always taught me, since he was a child , that I had to complete my higher education to have a degree, but above all, to enjoy training and not have to live under anyone's orders, ”he confessed.

After a season full of successes, 1995 was presented as his year, however, the third place awarded in the maximum competition would be the first example of all the subsequent frustration that he would end up living until his retirement: "There were multiple reasons why I did not win . Some judges did not want to disappoint their friend Dorian Yates. Others did not want someone from outside the United States to win, ”said the German bodybuilder who dared to say that in his day juries were handpicked and the winner was already decided before the competition took place.

I was too polite and smart and that was dangerous. They wanted alienated bodybuilders who didn't think for themselves.

In 1996 he would go up to the third step of the podium again, later being disqualified by a positive for diuretics, substances that are used before competitions for the elimination of liquids in order to sharpen the physique, reducing muscle swelling.

The peak of his outrage would come after his second place in 1997 when he came to Mister Olympia with a tremendously worked body: “A man who has the belly of a six-month pregnant woman has won me.

It has been the biggest heist of the 20th century. I have no doubt what is really happening in this sport. "

The death that awaits

From that moment his decline would begin until the end of his career in 2005. The Sonbaty had no hair on his tongue: “The leaders of this sport required athletes to put themselves in a condition close to death. In bodybuilding there are a lot of addicted athletes. The saddest thing about this business is that 95% of professionals have to sell drugs, prostitute themselves, work in security or do porn to survive. It is a sport governed by hypocrites who only look at its benefit.

The list of deceased within the world of 'bodybuilding' is not small. Among the most significant premature deaths are those of Andreas Munzer, Greg Plitt, Chad Brothers, Oli Cooney, Aziz "Zyzz" Shavershian, Anthony D'Arezzo or Steve Michalik: "You need to be strong as a horse to take 'megadoses' during years and not get sick. Even if you use all the medicines in the world, if you don't have good genetics, forget it. In bodybuilding genetics is key ”, confessed El Sonbaty.


In a world where it was not common to find highly educated personalities, the German bodybuilder also blames much of his failure on his level of education: “For them, I was too educated and intelligent and that was very dangerous. They wanted alienated bodybuilders, not thinking for themselves. "

He ended up paying the consequences of the drugs he had taken, among others, diuretics, anabolics, insulin and synthol, an oil composed of fatty acids, benzyl alcohol and lidocaine used to correct muscle defects in pursuit of perfect symmetry. Its history runs parallel to that of a sport that reached its peak in the 70s, 80s and 90s and is not at its best now. After serious damage to his kidneys, El Sonbaty died at the age of 47 on March 20, 2013 from a cardiac arrest in the city of Cairo.