Disposable  Three Way Stopcock    are used to regulate flow or as on / off valves in gas or liquid circuits. The colored polycarbonate body provides a clear inner cavity, and the white high-density polyethylene (HDPE) handle moves smoothly to change the direction of the fluid. The plug valve is equipped with HDPE rotating male luer lock, which can reduce the tube kinking and achieve full rotation, and has two female luer locks, which can be connected with any ISO-594 standard connection.




Transparent polycarbonate body, easy to observe the flow

The three-arm polyethylene (HDPE) handle allows smooth movement to change the direction of the fluid, making operation smooth and easy.

The minimum amount of residual fluid.

No leakage at normal pressure up to 5 bar

The plug valve has two female luer lock ports and a male luer lock port with a rotary lock for safe connection to other equipment.

Sterile, single use and pyrogen-free


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