The international of Animal Crossing New Horizons is continually based totally around the real world and the real calendar, and today, April eleven, is a special day: CJ has come to metropolis to Animal Crossing Bells host the fishing tourney, the first of its kind on the island getaway place of New Horizons. This is a exclusive occasion to the continued Bunny Day shenanigans. The fishing tourney will happen once more, however these days is your first possibility – now not to mention only opportunity for a at the same time as – to get worried and get a number of the specific fishing tourney prizes.

The tournament in New Horizons isn't like the past Animal Crossing Fishing Tourney events. Previously, the size and breed of fish you seize could be factored into what number of factors you’d earn; in new Horizons it’s all approximately quantity instead of quality, however. Each and every fish you seize is really worth one point, and also you’ll get an advantage factors if you catch more than 3 fish in every 3-minute fishing consultation you enter into.

At the end of the match factors will be counted up The Best Place to Buy Cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells and anyone will win the diverse prizes. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies, and getting the trophies is based totally in your cumulative points general across the entire day’s really worth of fishing. You don’t want to worry approximately stock area while fishing, as all fish are robotically teleported lower back to CJ as soon as caught.