With the rapid development of LED lighting, now more and more energy-saving and environmentally friendly products come into our lives. When we see a variety of lampshades in production, whether they are appearance or models are very beautiful , But few friends will know how these beautiful LED lampshades are made. Below 100w Street Light Housing Wholesale will share the manufacturing process of the lampshade.

If you want to make a lampshade, you must first choose the material. Generally, the three most popular materials are PC, glass, and acrylic. Glass used to be the most used in the past, like many of our homes. Fluorescent tubes, but with the development, they are now basically replaced by acrylic or PC, and the advantages of PC materials are now more and more obvious, more LED fluorescent lamp manufacturers use, and there are products produced abroad.

It is to the production equipment. Generally advanced equipment can improve the efficiency and reduce the defect rate of the PC lampshade products. In general, before making the lampshade, we must first open a set of molds according to the drawings so that we can go on-line production. The production of PC lampshades adopts extrusion process or injection molding process. In the production process, first set up the equipment.

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