You would understand how they're, Should you played NBA 2K MT Coins with the 2K games, particularly their career and franchise style. They make Franchise and RTTS look like pong. I stopped played 2K because I lost interest in basketball but now that I am playing The Show so much that I wish that they gave one fuck in their non money making manners.2K placed a lot more effort into their MyCareer series since that is the most popular game mode to play and has online abilities people pay for. MyCareer is the money making manner of 2K.

2K franchise and I've played also that I do not think in case you don't have everything on automobile handle, it's almost as in depth as the MLB the Show Franchise. In the series you have training, manage the 40 person, the leagues rosters and motion of rule-5 drafts, trauma lists, coaches, trading, free service, gamers, line ups, rotations and much more. There are things to restrain in mlb franchise whereas 2K only has the gram league which doesnt serve much of a function in match since they have more moving parts like multiple degrees under the majors and multiple drafts/more prospects.

But the cpu at 2K doesn't seem to create as many questionable moves as from the show franchise or rtts, As an example in one season, the braves turned fried along with a prospect for morton in the beginning of the calendar year, then ahead of the deadline while holding a wild card spot and competing for the division, chose to dump morton and soroka for little return, ive never seen any similar moves like that in at least 50 franchises around 2K So yes there's more to do and control mlb the show which can make it more enjoyable, but it shows SDS place way more time in their cash making mode than franchise or RTTS.

IMO trades in franchise are broken. For example, this past year I traded Mitch Keller Starling Marte, and Cole Tucker to get Mike Trout. A player past his prime and two guys you've never heard of for the very best baseball player in 100 decades. Also, there is a lot of depth in the proprietor for 2K. You get to hire you have team (Yes you can in The Show as well), however you can have conversations with these folks and they'll give you advice on how best to scout, draft, etc.. You can also have interviews and discussions before they are drafted by you.

You can speak with your players and try to cheer them up and it goes if they don't perform or have playing time, although players have a sin. 2K also reveals media's that is an amazing thing in itself. It's a lot more depth than The Show.Like I mentioned in another comment 2K has the benefit of a studio 10x the size of SDS to operate on this material to more coins on nba2king but Franchise is not nearly as bad. If you do not like trades that are unrealistic don't make them. Each of the 2K stuff you say is more fluff than stuff.