SWOT analysis is a strategic planning process, conducted by organisations to scale four factors of their business-strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The abbreviation of these fours factors has been then taken to name the tool. While working on Kellogg’s supply chain SWOT analysis, students need to keep their focus steady on all the sections of the quadrant.

But, before students leap into action for Kellogg’s supply chain case study analysis, they need to look for potential connections between the quadrants.

When Working On Strengths

  • A SWOT matrix for Kellogg’s should essentially be focused on specific goals, projects and objectives.
  • High awareness, worldwide presence, access to favorable distribution network is a few of the factors that are the advantage of Kellogg. However, with a different market, the strength factor varies.
  • Refining information based on the target market will help students come up with a vigorous list.

When Working On Weaknesses

  • The weaknesses of a Kellogg’s include bad reviews, profit decline, lack of product diversity, and developing economy market.
  • While working on a Kellogg’s supply chain SWOT analysis, remember that the weaknesses are internal factors and if estimated realistically, it can curb unpleasant business situations
  • Writing weaknesses in a hurry can be a mistake. Hence when working on the Kellogg’s supply chain case study solution, students need to be patient to figure out weaknesses that are causing loss to the target market.  

When Working On Opportunities

  • While working on opportunities for Kellogg’s supply chain SWOT analysis, students need to put the most important factor on top of the list.
  • Removal of internal trade barriers, changing lifestyle, millennial customers are the factors that fall in the opportunities section for Kellogg.
  • Since opportunities are external factors, deciding a timeframe to figure out exact business concerns help get the maximum benefits.

When Working On Threats

  • Another external factor, students should rely on real time data when working in the threats that Kellogg’s has.
  • One cannot control threats; however, proper planning on building strengths is likely to cause less damage due to threats.
  • The intense competition of breakfast cereal makers is undoubtedly a constant threat for Kellogg’s irrespective of its target market.
  • While working on Kellogg’s threats, students can develop better strategies to cater to the weaknesses so that in the end, it does not turn into a threat.  

SWOT Analysis is a straightforward and beneficial framework for analysing organisational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Focusing on actionable strategies help students find out intense factors for all the quadrants.


SWOT analysis is a sophisticated strategy tool. If applied realistically, it can solve problems better and minimise risks. We have pointed out some effective ways to conduct SWOT analysis effectively.

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