Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers , let ’s share some questions and answers about Lavatory Cabinet faucets:

  1. Q: Why are the spreads so large in the market from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan?

Answer: The faucets sold on the market are basically ceramic spools. The key to the price difference is that the faucet is equipped with a spool. Due to the different materials and processing accuracy of the spool, the life of the faucet is directly related.

  1. Q: What type of faucet can guarantee that there is no water or alkali mark on the faucet during use?

Answer: The faucet of pure copper material will not appear water and alkali!

  1. Q: Is it better to use the under counter basin in the bathroom or the above counter basin? What kind of faucet is equipped?

Answer: The under counter basin is good, beautiful, and easy to clean. The thickness of the edge of the basin should be considered when installing the under-basin faucet, and the faucet mouth should be longer.

  1. Q: Why does the newly-produced faucet suddenly become smaller after a period of use?

A: After staying for a period of time, the water flow of the faucet suddenly becomes smaller. If the water pressure is not enough, the reason is very simple-the water pipe contains sand and other debris, which is blocked by the filter in the faucet!

  1. Unscrew the outlet of the faucet to check and clean it, and see if the water has recovered after installation;
  2. Check the connection between the faucet and the hose. Some faucets are equipped with a filter to prevent sand from entering, which is blocked by a lot of debris;
  3. Gently knock the filter in the pool a few times, the impurities such as sand will fall naturally, after washing, install it as it is;
  4. It's best not to buckle it by hand! This will press the sand into the filter and get stuck! And don't wash the rubber pad away.