RuneScape (referred to as RS) is a large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game produced by the game company Jagex Games Studio. The game is the second largest game after World of Warcraft and has won the Guinness World Records "Most Popular Free MMORPG Game."

In 2019, Jagex held 49 Treasure Hunter promotions. The "Bubble Lamp" promotional event was held in February and June respectively, during which Jagex rewarded players with a series of special XP lights. These lights have many functions. One can be exchanged for additional experience opportunities, and the other is to enable players to quickly gain experience. Player Redhorizon had a conversation with Eurogamer at RuneFest 2019. He thinks Treasure Hunter is already very bad, but he is still holding double-experience promotions.

OSRS Gold plays an important role in many ways. There are usually two ways to obtain RS Gold. One is obtained in the game, but this method is more difficult, and the other is Old School RuneScape Gold obtained from the GoldRS website.

Bonds and Solomon's outlet, two other types of monetisation for RuneScape, have faced similar accusations from the player community. Bonds, which were introduced in 2013, may be traded between players in-game and redeemed for a spread of services, including membership and Treasure Hunter keys. Some players view Bonds as a style of real-world trading, since players must first purchase them using real-world currency.

Meanwhile, Solomon's outlet, which absorbed the Loyalty Store in 2013, has faced the identical criticism, since many of its items must be purchased using RuneCoin, which, again, can only be purchased using real-world currency. The shop originally focused totally on cosmetic items, like hairstyles or pets, but now allows players to get services, like Bank Booster Packs, through the employment of RuneCoin. Like Treasure Hunter, these things encourage players to spend additional money and put those that can't or choose to not at an obstacle to those that do.

Jagex also introduced an enhanced version of the membership subscription program in 2012, called Premier Club. This special style of membership can only be purchased within the latter months of every year, usually between November and January, and has three tiers for players to decide on from: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each tier supplies a special period of membership, from three months to a year, at a reduced rate and a spread of other bonuses, including new cosmetic items, a reduction on RuneMetrics and extra-Treasure Hunter keys.

RuneMetrics was released in 2016. It is an analysis tool with many functions, it can be used as a wealth and experience tracker. If you want to get into RuneScape better, please purchase RuneMetrics Pro to subscribe, the monthly subscription amount is less than 4 pounds.

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