That each pervasive can causes damage to businesses throughout the world and not only there is a problem of decrease (or some times, a sharp increase) in demand for products or services, but there is also the problem of how to organize a company to deliver their products and services in a different way.

Challenges with pervasive in a modern business world

From the business point of view the most of the companies face the two types of challenges

  • your customers or employees cannot reach you,
  • Your customers or employees can reach you but are afraid for their own health.

To address the first problem: companies can physical contact with customers and employees by using electronic means of communication; and they give work to their employees in alternative places to work, mostly from their homes or other remote locations; and they use different channels to delivery their products through outsourced logistics services. Finally, this new way of doing business requires different types of skills from both employees and partners in the supply chain, so the quality of delivering products and services is endangered.

To address the second problem: Like health & safety the companies are providing require protective equipment for their staff and introduce new rules for social distancing.

Addressing continuity of operations

ISO 22301 Certification in Chandigarh standards can describe how to develop the Business Continuity Management System and it also defines that how to known the risks that might disrupt your operations and your supply chain, and how to analyze quickly to recover and to avoid high damage, and which resources you need for a recovery. Based on this information, you need to look for solutions that will enable you to recover and to develop a business continuity plan for a pandemic. For successfully continue of your operations, you would need to analyze which people, equipment, data, raw materials, third parties, etc.

Checking the security of communications and data

ISO 27001 Certification in Bangalore standard that describes how to develop the Security Management System for Information of data and communication – it defines that, first, you have to find out where the problem indicates and then define which kinds of safeguards you need to implement in order to prevent data breaches. So, for employees who are working from home, you need to analyze which kinds of incidents can happen to the data stored on their computers and communicated over the Internet.

Checking the quality of products and services

 By using ISO 9001 standard we can develop the Quality Management System, among other things, it defines that you have to train your staff adequately for the job they are performing, and you need to select your suppliers and partners very carefully.

Addressing health and safety

ISO 45001 Certification in Visakhapatnam is a standard that describes how to create an Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS) that helps you go beyond simply meeting the health & safety laws and regulations and work towards improvement of the health & safety in your workplace.

ISO standards provide you with the know-how

 The ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 45001 are ready-made frameworks that can be applied effectively even in adverse situations.ISO standards are the most widely adopted frameworks that help companies organize better – and they can help also in the face of a pandemic.

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