I believe they should quit making a new game every year and do a version as GTA. I agree but I do not feel that makes sense with sports games. People want to play their favorite Madden NFL players not in Mut 20 coins for sale four decades from now. My point is that since their may not be a season next year. Madden NFL isn't gonna change. They have more time to generate a product that also make us shut up for once and can please the fans. If they do so, I hope madden 22 will be a stepping stone to potentially great games in the future. They would probably make more money that way, and they could push enhancements regularly if they desired to.

Mahomes defies the Madden Curse using a SB victory and SB MVP

As the Madden franchise declines, the curse starts to wane.Really the major decrease came with the development of Ultimate Team (12-14ish). That gave EA a cash cow and they proceeded to ignore all aspects of Madden NFL. Same with FIFA and NBA2k. RIP franchise style. I can't feel that it appears to LOSE features each year. That's not the way an established game style should go.It literally requires minimal effort to put in and keep up a decent franchise mode too. It's literally just a dictionary simulator. However they can't get money from that.They just mainly desire their Madden NFL player base on the microtransaction filled Ultimate Team mode. Continuing to have an awful franchise style at this stage (despite protest against Madden NFL gamers ) is 100% deliberate and performed with bad intention from EA.

Could somebody make a professional football game set in an alternate reality? For instance, something similar to"the League of American Football" with 32 composed franchises. A idea but with a modicum of pride and decency? "I am Tommy Rono here the see the new jersey helicopters host the bay area prospectors. Stay tuned tonight to see that the Colorado stallions and San Diego lightning play for the first place in the division". Yes, and there are a few of them actually do not think they were rather great, but the majority want real NFL teams. You're simply not likely to sell a football game with made up teams/Madden NFL players.

They can and they have; many of them only have some facet to them. Blitz the League (1 and 2) were a continuation of the NFL Blitz franchise, but they moved more realistic and comprised exaggerated things such as a"juice the wounded Madden NFL player to return him into Madden NFL sooner" minigame and X-ray bone breaks and stuff. NFL desired nothing to do with it, therefore they needed to come up with 32 made up teams (all located in the Mut 20 coins for sale very same cities as people of the NFL franchises) and a few parodied Madden NFL players.