An injury system. Injuries are a critical part Mut 20 coins of football. Each Madden NFL player should have. Better simulation generally. You should control when you simulate (so long as the scheme matches are large ). Like sim win percentage is barely correlated with a team it seems. Be able to prioritize. Contract negotations.

Glad you mentioned,"I want better generic faces to your drafts." Drives me nuts after a couple of years into franchise mode the Madden NFL players have faces because of a lack of face choices. As well, it makes downloading a custom draft course much poorer as Madden NFL players don't look like college Madden NFL players.

Following an atrocious period, the Pittsburgh Steelers were on the clock with the 2nd overall pick in the NFL draft, a spot reserved for the teams who demand young and talented Madden NFL players the most. Amid the dire demand for talent, they had one constant to anchor their roster -- a celebrity quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger. The overall draft pick could enhance anything else receiver corps, or their defense about the 53-man roster besides the other quarterback. "They ended up choosing a QB that was projected to enter the late first round," said Justin West, an avid NFL fan and Madden soccer Madden NFL player, recalling a simulated season out of Madden 20′s franchise style. "They cut him later that season.... We absolutely lost our minds laughing."

The AI logic displayed by EA's best-selling NFL series has pushed West along with other frustrated fans like him to take matters into their own hands. West is one of a group of modders who have obtained and modified Madden NFL's code to recreate the simulator more to their liking. Finding EA's familiar motto ("When it's in Madden NFL, it's in Madden NFL") to be farther from the truth than they would prefer, modders have refined AI behavior around computer trading and drafting, and tweaked in-game AI to highlight things such as fatigue and pass-blocking to tone down what they see as Madden NFL's arcade aspects, and better reflect the real NFL.

The aforementioned AI Logic mod, by way of instance, was made to prevent Madden's version of this Pittsburgh Steelers manager of cheap Madden 20 coins from making a fool of himself on draft day. It corrects the computer's logic at the franchise mode, improving the AI's ability to draft rookies and make trades. It is 1 project among many trying to add realism and depth to Madden's franchise mode -- which some Madden NFL players still consider overly restrictive. "They need to open it up for longer diversity, instead of the strict limitations it's now."