The battle of the raid leader in World of Warcraft is called a challenging battle. The task of the raid leader generally requires more than ten players to collaborate. But if you are Rextroy, it is another matter. Rextroy is World of Warcraft's "One-Punch Man" and a well-known theoretical designer and YouTuber. He is good at defeating some hard-to-attack bosses in a sophisticated and creative way. Recently, his punching bag has attracted people's attention. The latest and most challenging raid "Ny'alotha" caused huge losses.

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You can watch the video above to determine Rextroy in action, but if you are not a World of Warcraft player it'd be hard to know exactly what's happening. Fortunately, Rextroy breaks down his method step by step within the video description—but I'm still floored that somebody came up with this idea within the first place.After 16 years, World of Warcraft is totally gargantuan. There are thousands of abilities, items, and bizarre magical effects your character can find and make use of, so it's amazing that Rextroy and friends were ready to find the precise right combination to try to this much damage.

The key ability during this strategy is Diver's Folly, a one-handed axe with a special ability called Bioelectric Charge. When you attack with Diver's Folly, you've got an opportunity to prime it, which stores five percent of your damage for 12 seconds so unleashes it as nature damage. To urge the mandatory numbers to form Bioelectric Charge do such ridiculous damage, though, Rextroy needs a way to massively increase his damage output.

In the Catacylsm expansion, there's a dungeon with a boss encounter that temporarily boosts your damage by 2,000 percent. That also isn't enough, though, so Rextroy stocks au courant a special item called Mantid Firebomb, which normally only deals a paltry 35 damage to any targets within its blast radius when thrown.

Stick with me, because here's where Rextroy's plan gets brilliant: He goes into the Catacylsm dungeon boss fight and waits until the two, 000 percent extra damage buff is in effect. Then he gathers an outsized pack of trash monsters that spawn during the boss fight and attacks them until Diver's Folly triggers its Bioelectric Charge. When he throws his Mantid Firebomb at the pack of monsters, it now does 2000 percent extra damage to every monster, which effectively primes Bioelectric Charge with something like 2,309,961,440 damage—five percent of which is able to be unleashed in 12 seconds when the power ends.

In World of Warcraft, some Cheap WOW Classic Gold players can use to teleport magic spells to summon other players around the world. These spells last a long time and can last up to two minutes. Before starting the battle, a prompt will appear on Rextro's screen asking if he will join the Wrathion boss room in Ny'alotha. If he throws away the mantis bomb and kill everything, it means that he accepted the teleport and immediately reached directly in front of Valassión. At this time, it takes only one punch to kill him and apply a doomsday blow. On this difficulty, it is twice that of Wrathion's HP.