At present, as long as the PC lampshade LED full plastic tube is waterproof, as long as it is sealed and waterproof, various manufacturers have made a lot of tricks, so the sealing methods are endless, and the factory is checked by immersion in water, but it will still get water in the process of use, or even crack the tube, so why ? Let Hot-Selling Street Light Housing Wholesale answer this question for us.

Since the PC lampshade LED plastic tube is installed, it will be affected by temperature changes. The air pressure inside the tube will continue to change with the temperature. The tube shell expands at high temperature, and the tube shell is kneaded at low temperature, the sealant for the wire inlet and end cover There will be physical deformation, micro cracks will appear after a long time, when the temperature rises, it will leak, and when the temperature is lowered, it will inhale, then the water attached outside the pipe will gradually enter the pipe.

In general, the process of water intake is divided into: temperature change, air pressure occurs, kneading the outer tube, seal failure, and negative air pressure to absorb water. Among them, in addition to the temperature change, there are also solar radiation heating, greenhouse effect heating, and circuit operations in the tube are heated. When the guardrail tube is sealed and waterproof enough, the tube does not leak, then the cracked tube will increase.

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