The Boxing Sandbag manufacturer is here to share the basic skills of learning boxing.

  1. Starting position: A comfortable starting position with a strong aura allows you to attack with full force and quickly avoid the opponent's attack. If you are accustomed to attacking with your right hand, the proper starting posture is that your left foot is in front and that you are in a 45-degree direction with your opponent. And your left heel should be side by side with your right toe. The center of gravity should be on the hind feet. Keep your elbows inward and your hands upwards, with your left hand under your cheeks and your right hand under your chin. Pay attention to keeping your chin down.
  2. Footwork: Always be vigilant and keep up the movement. Don't be the target of being unmoved. If you are facing a boxing opponent who is accustomed to attacking with your right hand, you should put your hand on the right side of the body. Similarly, if you are facing a boxing opponent who is used to attacking with your left hand, you should put it on the left side of your body. This allows you to maintain the furthest distance between your opponent's strong fists. Never stand in cross steps, as this will make you unable to maintain balance and be in a situation where you cannot defend.

The above content is collated and shared by the manufacturer of Free Standing Boxing Bags , hoping to help those in need.