In fact, the use and purchase of mechanical watt-hour meters are based on certain standards. In our country, there are very strict standards and requirements for the use of mechanical watt-hour meters, so there are many things in the purchase and maintenance. It is necessary to pay attention, now let's take a look at the knowledge about the purchase and maintenance of mechanical watt-hour meters.

At present, our country's standards for mechanical energy meters mainly include the selection of two current values: national standard GB/T15283-94 and international standard IEC521-1988. When choosing a mechanical energy meter, you need to choose a machine that can meet the voltage standard. Type electric energy meter, and the standard of the induction type mechanical electric energy meter because the resistance of the rotating mechanism is very large, so according to the standard, it can not be less than 0.5% of the basic current. The mechanical type in our China In the use of watt-hour meters, the electric line voltage used in general houses is 220V, so when selecting, the selection of rated voltage should be consistent with this voltage. When choosing a mechanical watt-hour meter, the current value is The issue that needs the most attention can also be said to be the most complex issue.

The starting current must be known when choosing. This current is a minimum current value that can turn the turntable continuously. The second type is the multiple of the maximum rated current relative to the basic current, so whether it is in old-fashioned mechanical electric There is a certain difference between the meter and the new type of energy meter. If you live in an old residential area, you can only use the old-style energy meter when you need it. The current start of this energy meter is relatively large. And, on the dial of the energy meter, only a current value is displayed, which is simply called the rated current, and in the old version of the electrician manual, it can only be pointed out that this old-style energy meter can be loaded when used. Current Current is only greater than one percent of the rated current. The new energy meters used in newly built residences are generally because the starting current is relatively small, so the rated current is relatively large, and the minimum current of the load cannot be lower than the standard of the starting current when using the amount, and in long-term use, the energy The value of the table cannot be higher than the maximum rated current of 20A, so you should choose according to your home environment when choosing, because now we use too many household appliances every day, there will be more appliances in the future Participate in our life, so we must leave some room when using it, to achieve reasonable use of electricity, and the higher the price, the higher the relative price.

Residents generally choose to double the standard when purchasing mechanical watt-hour meters, so that they can continue to meet the natural growth of people’s electricity consumption in the future, and because of seasonal variability For the use of the energy meter, accurate calculation is also required. When the energy meter is used, whether it is the calibrated current or the rated current, there are relevant standards. After you choose it, you must connect according to the regulations. The life span is generally about 6 years. No matter whether it is 6 years old, this meter should not continue to be used if it is broken or not. If it is continued to use, it will inevitably bring about the danger of power consumption, and our country There are also relevant regulations that the energy meter should be inspected and replaced every six years to ensure safety. When choosing a power meter, it is best to find a professional person to accompany the purchase, and choose according to the usage and power consumption in your home. Of course, the power consumption of each household is normally It will grow year by year, this must be taken into account. But now there are many shapes that can be selected, and you can buy them for a better look. The mechanical energy meter purchased from Yueqing Lvguo Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. can be guaranteed from both appearance and quality. Heavy industry and heavy industry, Lvguo electric meter will lead the future of electric power.

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