The three-way stopcock with extension tube should be used with various infusion or infusion equipment in order to connect with any special or general medical equipment to improve ease of use and to introduce drugs to patients.

Salient features:

The completely transparent body made of medical grade biocompatible polycarbonate can clearly observe the flow of fluid.
High-quality anti-kink tube, smooth inner surface, can achieve laminar flow, no turbulence.
The 6% universal taper on Leur allows connection to various standard medical devices.
It is used to manage the contrast agent/liquid vacancy during the imaging process that requires the patient to enter the gantry; for example, CT and MRI scans.
Non-pyrogenic, only for one-time use.

Our  Three Way Stopcock   valve selects Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co., Ltd. for medical equipment, which can be used for multi-channel and multi-infusion treatment, and the rotation is flexible and unrestricted. Choose our products so that you have no worries during use. Welcome to consult and purchase: