1. The row of skeletons should not be matched with spring mattresses
 Because the spacing of the row of skeletons cannot be the same as the arrangement and size of the mattress spring, the mattress spring cannot find the support point, causing the spring to sink or get stuck in the spacing of the row of skeletons, resulting in the mattress being unable to support the body and even shorten the service life. If you want to use a row of skeletons, you can put a wooden gasket on the bed board, or the spacing of the row of skeletons does not exceed 2cm.

2. Pay attention to the quality of the air pressure rod when choosing a bed
 The advantage of turning the bed is that the support of the bed frame is better, and the storage is more clear, but you need to pay attention to the quality of the air pressure rod. The upper mattress is not easy to use if it is too heavy or high. On the contrary, although the drawer storage space under the bed is less than that of the lift bed, it is convenient for users to take and store.

3. Metal bed frame is not easy to maintain
The wrought iron bed is slender and has a variety of shapes, so it is loved, but it is relatively cold in winter. In addition, if the quality of the metal material of the bed frame is not good, it is not only easy to rust, but it is more likely to make noises and interfere with sleep after a long time.

4. The shape of the bed frame is simple and neat
In addition to the common wooden bed frame, there are bed frames, but the frame thickness will be increased around the bed frame, which occupies a larger area than the ordinary bed frame.

5. Four-poster bed is suitable for large apartment
 The four-poster bed is elegant and gorgeous, and the veil can be added to make the sleeping space more secret, but due to the larger volume, the required space is also higher, which is not suitable for small apartments or low spaces.

6. The electric bed can adjust the curvature of the mattress
The electric bed can be adjusted locally by the remote control of the curvature of the mattress. Because the left and right mattresses are separated, the two people on the bed will not interfere with each other. However, its penetration rate is currently not high.

7. The type of bed board affects the hardness
 1. Slab bed: A large piece of wood is a more common type of bed board, and its shape is simple. If you want to add a storage function (such as a lift bed or drawer) under the bed, it is recommended to use a traditional bed frame with a whole surface.
2. Rib bed: It is made of wood, with sufficient elasticity and good ventilation. According to the structure of the double bed, it can be divided into two types: one is a single row of wooden strips arranged, the wooden strips are longer, the elasticity and softness are higher; the other is the double row of ribbed beds, the wooden strips are shorter Hardness is higher, people who like to sleep on a hard bed can choose this type.

8. Understand the material of the bed frame
Type 01 timber: Imported beds often use walnut and cherry wood, among which the patterns of walnut and cherry wood change a lot, while beech is tough, wear-resistant, resistant to impact and elastic. As for other wood materials, such as mahogany, it has insect-resistant characteristics: teak wood has high stability and durability; pine wood has many knots, and the material is softer, which will emit a light fragrance; oak has a hard texture and a large wood grain.
 Type 02 metal: steel pipe, copper, aluminum alloy, etc. The bed of steel pipe and copper products is quite modern. Although the surface of the forged bed is not as smooth as steel and copper, the old texture creates a simple feeling.
Type 03 rattan, paper fiber: The bed made of rattan and paper has another kind of leisure taste due to the delicate materials and different weaving methods.

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