Floating Dock manufacturers share how to do scientific boxing:

1. Try to stay in the middle of the boxing ring. Don't be in the rope area or corner.

2. Perform boxing exercises with experienced boxers. You may be injured, but training with an experienced boxer can help you better master boxing skills.

3. Use straps every time you fight boxing. Tighten the thumb tightly first, and then wrap the wrist down 3 times through the strap. Then pull the strap up and wrap the palm 3 times. Pull the strap down to the position under the thumb in the palm of your hand, and then wrap it between your fingers. Start with the little finger and ring finger. Wrap the strap back and forth between the fingers and then wrap it under the hand along the upper part of the protector. Cross-wrap the left and right to bind the hands below the hands. Then repeat this binding method at other fingertips. When you have completed the above binding, begin to wrap your thumb once and retract it to the back of your hand. Wrap your thumb again and pull the strap to your palm. Finally, wrap your metacarpophalangeal joint 3 times and the last time around your wrist.

4. If you stand on the edge of the boxing ring, you must avoid it, then quickly turn your head and flash.

The above content is shared and organized by the Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment manufacturer, hoping to help those in need.