Path of Exile is a game that advances with the times, and each extended version will bring a lot of surprises to players. Path of Exile is a game that constantly reaches new heights. This is not only due to the hard-working game development team behind it, but also from the loyal fans who have always been inseparable. Everyone likes new things, and players are no exception to the POE Trade Currency game. They expect Path of Exile to continue to release new versions, but some players still prefer the original version of Path of Exile. Grinding Gear Games lived up to expectations and recently announced that Path of Exile is about to launch a new version, Delirium. This is something to celebrate, because it means that Path of Exile is about to hit a new high. What is more noteworthy is that the release of the new version is actually not very easy. It has experienced an attack battle, that is, its server has been attacked by DDoS, but it successfully passed this difficulty and it succeeded.

"This weekend we launched Path of Exile: Delirium and were really pleased that we reached a replacement peak in concurrent player numbers," reads the trail of Exile forums. "While there have been some server issues that were exacerbated by a lengthy DDOS attack, things went relatively smoothly."

According to Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson, Path of Exile hit 237,160 players without delay over the Path of Exile Currency course of the weekend. The team believes the numbers could have gone even higher, but there was a DDoS attack that struck round the time of Delirium's launch.

"Our previous record for many players online without delay was around 224,000, at the Legion launch last year," Wilson told Shacknews. "This weekend was the launch of Delirium and that we hit 237,160 players online without delay. We feel that the ultimate numbers would be a touch higher, but we were trying to resist a significant DDoS attack which knocked around 40 of our servers off the web, reducing our capacity."

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