Next, China Bed Elevator Supplier will share the safety distance of elevator doors

1. When the distance between the adjacent two-story door sill exceeds 11 meters, a safety gate should be installed between them.

2. The inspection door, safety door and inspection trap door shall not open into the shaft.

3. Both doors and trapdoors should be equipped with a key-operated lock. When the doors and trapdoors are opened, they can be closed and locked without a key.

4. The access door and safety door should be able to be opened from the inside of the hoistway without a key even when locked.

5. The elevator can only run when the inspection door, safety door and inspection trap door are all in a semi-closed state.

6. The horizontal distance between the running parts of the elevator is not less than 0.3 meters, and the barrier runs through the entire height of the hoistway.

7. The lift height of the elevator is greater than 30 meters, intercom device should be installed, and compensation device (rope or chain) should be installed.

8 . The cable bending radius of 8 cores is not less than 250mm. The 16~14 core is not less than 400mm. If multiple specifications are shared, the maximum bending radius shall prevail.

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