Some parents are convinced that their children should be like them when they are older, if you are a doctor you will pretend that your son is also, and the same seems to happen with athletes without excluding those dedicated to bodybuilding or bodybuilding sports.

A couple of examples serve as input, Richard Sandrak recognized as the little hercules his father subjected to strict training programs, diets and even using some substances to enhance his muscle development.
And most recently Giuliano Stroe rose to popularity as the strongest child in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.
In both cases, it has been their parents who have led them to develop muscles, being just children who should be enjoying the activities of their age.


They are not isolated cases and they are not the only ones that are shown online either through images or videos, perhaps they are the most famous but if we look a little more we will get others, like Aeden Begue a little creature that we can see in a video doing various weight training exercises with bars and discs.
Aeden, the son of Jeffrey Begue, is a four-year-old boy, a baby bodybuilder according to some, who in the video of the Iron Chamber Gym in Ohio (United States) is doing exercises with weights, squats, barbell deadlifts and oars.

He is not seen neither muscled nor moving excessive weights, but in my opinion it is not healthy for such a young child to carry out such activities when his body is not prepared for it.

In this case I suppose that it is a promotional video of the gym where it is intended to show that Aeden Begue wants in the future to be a professional of the weights, although perhaps it is only the wish of his father.