Private limited company Registration in Marathahalli at Bangalore is the most popular legal corporate entity in India. A Pvt limited company register is a register of organization in the jurisdiction they operate under Companies Act 2013, by the ministry of corporate Affairs. The private limited company has a minimum of 2 to 200 members, and directors from 2 to 50, The most important advantage of a private limited company is that the shareholders have limited liability, every day the business people give rise to many ideas that can set to the future market. The task followed in the private limited company registration across through few stages from the legal aspect. Pvt ltd company is the best suitable structure to get seed funding which is very important for start-ups to start-up become director and shareholder of the company, the owner of the Pvt Ltd company in marathahalli hold equity share of the company and these shares are easily transferable to others if required in a later stage to transfer of ownership, The Pvt ltd company Registration is managed by company’s board of directors And any important decision need to be taken in company’s board meeting. Private limited company registration in marathahalli is register to become a separate legal entity and the best part is its Liability is limited to its share capital so the private limited company provides registration protection to its owners to protect their assets against company’s liability, Private Limited Company Registration is the most prevalent and popular type of collective lawful entity in India. Private limited company registration is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, A private limited company is a type of confidentially held business entity. Consultry us now for a lawful Private Limited Company Registration Service We are providing Private Limited Company registration, which is said to be a privately held small business organization, under this Lawful status, the liability of owners is limited to their shares. This indicates that the business firm is limited to have at least fifty bondholders, where shares are restricted from getting publicly traded, our company guides you through all the procedures before during and after company registration, Besides we would also help you with the subsequent business performance of your company. In India, a Private Limited Company is the most popular and prevalent type of Corporate lawful entity which can act in its name having a perpetual progression. It can also acquire property in its name and can raise equity or debt funds which make it the most recommended type of professional entity for millions of small and medium-sized businesses that are family-owned or professionally managed.


How to get Pvt ltd company registration in Marathahalli?

Step1: Every Director and Shareholder is required to obtain DSC.

Step2: Company name approval.

Step3: Filing a SPICe or Form INC-32.


Documents required for Pvt ltd company registration in marathahalli.  

  1. Members and Directors (Self-attested).

2· PAN card and Aadhaar card of members and directors.

3· Election ID card/Passport/Driving License.

4· Scanned photographs.

5· Latest Bank Statements that must not be older than 30 days.



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