When you are busy browsing Gielinor killing demons and getting a lot of old-fashioned Runescape Gold (OSRS Gold), you will not realize how many people deliberately become one of the most difficult mini-games this sport needs to provide. This is often referred to as the TzHaar Fight Cave and it'll take considerable preparation for you to beat. Thankfully, we’ve got a helpful guide which will provide you with the knowledge you would like to require it on!


What is the TzHaar Fight Cave?
TzHaar Battle Cave is considered by many to be one of the most difficult TzHaar Battle Cave mini games in OSRS. To beat it, you may must be armed and prepared. Decent equipment and combat skills should already be an element of your arsenal, and there are some things that you simply will want to avoid. Players must tackle wave after wave of battle. You need to also ensure you don’t close manually as this may mean this wave will must be repeated. Logging out during the battle in the cave will cause you to Buy RuneScape Gold log off at the top of the wave burst.

The mini-game is quite time-consuming and may take players a pair of hours to complete. Not only that, but its a sufficient drain on your resources as you’ll need a hefty number of potions to determine you thru. This too relies on how experienced you're with the sport, seeing as reaching Jad can take many hours more if you've got low Ranged levels. Using Prayer protection is important, which are a few things that even die-hard player fail to try and do.

How should I steel onself for the Fight Cave?
As previously mentioned, using Ranged is pivotal within the Tzhaar City Fight Cave. The rationale is that it'll give players the chance to require a more distant approach to the monsters within. Seeing as you're faced with waves of enemies, a melee approach would be a rather difficult thanks to tackle the cave. You wish to also consider conserving your resources and food, so Ranged is unquestionably the strategy for you to require.

As far as your statistics are concerned, you must consider reaching at least 75 ranges. It is also recommended that you only have 75 healths, 60 prayers and 70 defenses. There's also the tactic of using Gunthan‘s equipment combined with a Ranged approach. Of course, there are varieties of weapons that would are available in very handy, just like the Dragon Halberd or the Saradomin Godsword. There's variety of bows that may be put to good use additionally. The Toxic Blowpipe can even be useful, because it contains a high attack speed and therefore the venom can dish out extra damage.

However, with Gunthan's Warspear, you can heal the same damage you have suffered. If you're to decide on this Old School RuneScape Gold method, then you want to take Infestation set pieces for it to be of any use. Either way, having a curable weapon will ensure that you save your potion as much as possible. There are a pair of drawbacks to using the Warspear, however, because it isn't only a two-handed weapon (meaning that you just won’t be ready to equip a shield at the identical time), but it also takes up four inventory slots seeing as you wish the opposite set pieces for it to figure.