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Accidents in a laboratory are increasing day by day. Not only in schools and other educational institutions, the business organizations have started setting up laboratories. When you work in a laboratory, you require equipment which is designed for carrying out several experiments. In order to get accurate results after conducting an experiment, you have to make sure that the laboratory equipment you use should be in a good condition. With the passage of time, even the best equipment gets worn out or gets out of order.


When you do not change or replace new equipment in your lab, you face mishaps. Therefore, safety precautions are needed when you are dealing with lab equipment. If you do not take safety measures, then you will not only harm your health but also your employees' health. As you take preventive measures for preventing mishaps from happening in a laboratory, you should make sure that the laboratory equipment is in good shape. How will you maintain the condition of laboratory equipment? What precautionary measures you need to follow when you are using laboratory equipment? Run your eyes through the following lines to know how you can keep laboratory equipment in superior condition as well as follow safety precautions at the same time. 


Tips to keep laboratory equipment in good shape 


There are a few tips which can prove to be useful if followed properly. Glance through the tips mentioned below. 


  • How often do you get the equipment serviced? If you do not do maintenance of laboratory equipment from time to time, then you will have to face hassles. At the time of maintenance, your technician will do the assessment of the equipment and will also look for signs of problems. The problems in the equipment will be addressed by the technicians instantly. You can avert possible hazards when you do professional repairs and maintenance to the laboratory equipment. 
  • To get appropriate measurements or accurate results of a chemical substance, you should make sure that the equipment is calibrated properly. Calibration of laboratory equipment from professionals will help function the equipment in a correct way. There will be no need to do premature replacement when your laboratory equipment is regularly calibrated.
  • How frequently do you clean your laboratory equipment? When you use the equipment for a long period of time, then debris and dirt start getting accumulated in the equipment. The accumulated debris can make all laboratory equipment less effective. Hence, it is necessary to make the equipment free from debris and dirt so that it does not show up mechanical issues. 


  • If you want the laboratory equipment to give a long-lasting service, then you should know how to handle laboratory equipment. Depending on the manner of use, the lifespan of equipment increases. Before you use equipment, make sure to glance through the instructions and method of use. Also, you should ensure that the laboratory equipment is tackled by trained and skilled professionals. All you need is to be cautious while handling the laboratory equipment. 
  • Invest in the quality equipment which will help you save additional costs on repairs. You will be able to make use of the quality equipment for years together. Also, you will be able to keep yourself safe from possible hazards.


Need Of Upgradation : Everyday, new laboratory equipment is emerging in the market. The lab equipment you use on a daily basis should provide efficiency. If the equipment gets outdated, then you will not get the desired result. Therefore, you should make sure that all equipment which you use in the laboratory should be upgraded. Make use of the advanced laboratory equipment which will help you do the experiment faster and with precision. The best thing about upgraded laboratory equipment is that you do not have to spend cash on maintenance every now and then. You do not have to waste your time in repairing outdated software and recalibrating equipment. 


Pivotal Safety Rules : Safety rules to be followed when you are working with laboratory equipment. 


  • Have adequate information about every equipment you use in a laboratory. 
  • Make sure you wear safety gears and safety glasses during check-in and check-out of your laboratory. 
  • Before you start your experiments with laboratory equipment, you should always wear a laboratory coat. Cover your face with a face shield. 
  • Remove your contact lenses before entering a laboratory. 
  • Your footwear should cover your heels and feet properly. Avoid wearing open-toed footwear, sandals and ballet flats in a laboratory. 
  • Eating is strictly prohibited in the laboratory, as it may be harmful for your health. 
  • Your laboratory equipment should be extremely tidy and clean. Before you start working with equipment, you must clean each equipment.
  • Make sure the safety showers, doorways, eyewash stations and aisles are unobstructed. 
  • If spills of a chemical substance fall off the floor or on a table, wipe the spills at once. 
  • Tie your hair properly so that your loose hair does not hinder you while you are performing experiments with your laboratory equipment. 
  • Before leaving the laboratory, you should wash your hands properly. 

Do not accumulate trash inside the laboratory. Keep disposing waste from time to time.