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Have you ever been to a laboratory? If you have been to a laboratory, you have surely seen the laboratory tables. Yes, they are lab work tables for the students, laboratory technicians and researchers.


These work tables are specially crafted for the benefit of those who work in the laboratories. Being different in shape and texture, these tables are indispensable for a laboratory.


If you are wondering why a laboratory needs specially made tables for work, then you should know that specialized pieces of furniture and furnishings are required for special spaces. Besides, if you are looking to work efficiently and deliver the best products out of your workspace, then you ought to be careful about the furniture you choose. This is because the furniture really matters and they are something that can transform more than just the look of your workspace.


Here are some advantages of the lab worktables:


They are sturdy: Lab tables last longer than the usual tables. This is because they are precisely made to endure heavy-duty experiments involving corrosive chemicals. Besides, they require less maintenance than the usual tables. Thus, you need to be careful when buying a table because opting for a better table would considerably cut your maintenance costs.


Offer Value for Money: Always remember buying high-end products would last long provided the quality is top-notch. The same goes for the lab work tables. Furthermore, if you are planning to get regular tables for your laboratory, you would end up paying more. However, when it comes to the laboratory tables, they cost less but offer just what you need to work well.


They are customizable: Laboratories never remain the same. They keep expanding and with each expansion, they eventually keep changing. However, with these tables, you need not fear about installing new furniture because these are highly customizable. They come with adjustable heights and can also be expanded to fit a larger workstation when needed.


Enhances Overall Productivity: If you are not being productive these days, it might be because of your regular tables installed. This is because more often than not people face several problems while working on a laboratory fitted with regular tables. However, if you go for the all-new ergonomically balanced lab work tables you can bid adieu to your irregular body aches that you might be developing due to the present tables. Many serious body related problems might also crop up due to working at a stretch for long hours in uncomfortable body postures and positions.


They change the appearance of your laboratory

The modern laboratory tables, which are ergonomically designed, can keep you comfortably seated while you work. Additionally, they can transform your usual laboratory to a high-tech research laboratory of the modern era.


With all these benefits, the Laboratory Worktables are mandatory for every other laboratory today. However, if you are worried regarding how to buy the best laboratory work table, then put a stop to it because here we will also mention some important hacks to buy premium laboratory tables for yourself.


Choosing the tabletop: The top of your table would endure everything that you perform in your laboratory. So, it needs to be made of tough and durable materials. There are an array of materials out of which tabletops are made and you can choose any one of them:


ESD laminate - Electro Static Dissipative is one of the best things to use if you have static sensitive devices. They not only protect the devices but also increases their longevity.

Formica brand laminate

Phenolic Resin - Phenolic resin table tops are known for their lightweight and durability. Furthermore, they are also resistant to bacterial and fungal infestations. Also, they are resistant to temperature and thereby, can be exposed to temperatures up to 176°C.

Stainless steel - Stainless steel table tops are undoubtedly one of the most popular materials to go for laboratory tabletops. Besides being easy to maintain, they are also aesthetically pleasing.


Size of the Work Table: Though most of the work tables are customizable if you are choosing standard ones you need to be careful about the size of them. Most of the standard workbenches measure between 24-26 inches in length, 30-120 inches in depth and are 30-36 inches in height. So, choose one which suits the space available in the laboratory.


Portability: If your laboratory has a permanent address only then you can go with a stationary work table, else you need to look for one that is mobile. However, it is always best to go for stationary Worktables because you can install movable stands underneath to carry them effortlessly.


Laboratory work tables are simply amazing for your laboratory and are the first thing you need to think of buying as soon as you get a laboratory to work in. So, buy premium work tables to work effortlessly.