Hexamethyldisiloxane is an important organosilicon compound and is widely used in the fields of organosilicon chemistry and organic synthesis. At the same time, hexamethyldisilazane is used as a capping agent, cleaning agent and stripping agent, which is mainly used in the production of organic chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals; in addition, hexamethyldisilazane is used to produce hexamethyldisilazane The solvent can greatly reduce the production cost of hexamethyldisilazane and increase the yield.

Hexamethyldisilazane is a colorless and transparent liquid. It is an important organosilicon compound and has a wide range of applications in the fields of organosilicon chemistry and organic synthesis. At present, the preparation of hexamethyldisilazane generally uses trimethylchlorosilane as a raw material and reacts with ammonia gas in an inert organic solvent. The producers of trimethylchlorosilane and hexamethyldisilazane as raw materials are generally procured, and the cost is relatively high. The preparation of trimethylchlorosilane is currently generally synthesized directly using methyl chloride and silicon powder under the action of a catalyst, and then obtained pure product by fractional distillation.

Hexamethyldisiloxane is not only used as a raw material for the production of silicone downstream products, but now it is more directly used in the cleaning industry. Hexamethyldisiloxane is a representative of cyclic and linear volatile methylsiloxanes (VMSs). It is environmentally friendly and does not destroy the ozone layer like fluorocarbon cleaning agents. In the United States, volatile methyl siloxane silicone oil is an exempted product under volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations and can be used as a substitute for solvents restricted by regulations, making the formulation more beneficial to human health and environmental protection. Can be used as a substitute for cleaning agents used in precision equipment used in the electronics, defense and aerospace industries.

In addition, hexamethyldisilazane is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, gas chromatography analysis, bonding aids for photoresists in the semiconductor industry, additives in the rubber industry, and surface treatment agents such as diatomaceous earth and white carbon black. , Is also one of the silylation reagents. It can be seen that hexamethyldisilazane has important industrial utilization value and has good application prospects.

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