Most drivers in the UK underestimate the importance of their tyres and how much they affect their safety and comfort. Tyres are the only part that has direct contact with the surface. Hence, they need to have the right tread depth, air pressure, balance and must be perfectly aligned as they can affect the ride quality, handling, safety and braking of the vehicle.

Inspecting your Tyres Stranraer regularly is important in order to protect your automotive and keep you safe. If possible, tyre check-ups should be carried out at least once a month. However, if you constantly drive long distances over debris and potholes on the streets, the best thing to do is to check your tyres twice a month.

Wheel alignment and worn suspension also play a role in tyre performance. Always verify that your car and tyres are in perfect condition before going on a long drive. The more inspections you perform, the easier it will be to spot any issues and fix them before it affects you and your family. Poor maintenance can cause flat tyres, tyre wear and blowouts.

How to maintain your tyres?

Follow the next steps to extend the life and performance of your tyres:

Rotate your tyres every eight thousand kilometres

Generally, cars use only two wheels to provide power which can produce uneven wear and damage. A mechanic will rotate the tyres by shifting them to other positions on your vehicle, which will eventually help your tyres wear out evenly. Rotation will make your tyres last for more time. Experts recommend to do it after at least every eight thousand kilometres covered.

Check the air pressure every month

The easiest way to extend the lifespan of your tyres is by maintaining the proper air pressure. Having the wrong pressure will increase the braking distance, cause slow handling, and expand the chances of tear, wear and blowout. Proper pressure is crucial for your safety. Researchers found that one crash in every eleven crashes happen due to improper air pressure.

Besides being dangerous, under and over-inflated tyres waste more fuel. Underinflated tyres will drive fewer distances while using more fuel than needed. If you want to improve your fuel mileage, inflate your tyres until you reach the right pressure.

Check the alignment every six months

Misalignment will affect the performance of your tyres. If your steering wheel shakes or vibrates or your vehicle drifts or pulls to the left or right, it might mean that your vehicle is out of alignment. However, in some cases, your car could seem completely fine and still have alignment problems.

The tiniest of misalignment will end up in increasing the tread wear and reducing your fuel efficiency. Check your car’ alignment at least twice a year or in case you notice something wrong. Constant maintenance will save you some money and you will extend your car’s lifespan.

 Balance your wheels

Your mechanic will balance your wheels using small weights and specialised machines. It is easy and fast, and you can get the balance adjusted and checked during rotation.

Poorly maintained tyres will affect your well-being, it does not matter if you buy cheap tyres or expensive ones, their lifespan will depreciate if they are not well-maintained.