Inside the summer of the 2019 most of our Bavaria 39 Tessa Jane began producing black weakness smoke and suffering a reduction in power from her JULY 2007 Volvo Penta MD2030. Initial investigations covered the typical suspects including fuel issues, blocked exhaust elbow and so forth, which resulted in the fitting of the shiny new stainless-steel harrow elbow.
But I had been unable to isolate the precise trigger before our annual cruise concerning the Channel Islands and northern France, so we only kept the revs smaller while motoring and enjoyed our holiday.

However, while motor-sailing from St Peter In-take to Cherbourg, the smell of unburnt diesel increased and a very few miles from the west entrance to your harbour we started emitting rather some white smoke a pipe.

We limped into Chantereyne marina and were luckily capable of berth on the hammerhead, which reduced the volume of time manoeuvring under electricity and kept the white smoke proper minimum. We obviously was required to address this tout-suite thus cancelled our plans to keep onto St-Vaast-la-Hougue and begin investigating a possible substandard or blocked injector.
Astonish breakage
I successfully ripped in two entry two injectors (of that will three), but the aft-most some was surprisingly loose. Diesel injectors has to be fitted with relatively big torque, so when I proven to removing the retaining nut in your fuel leak-off pipe emotionally involved with the rear cylinder, I had been genuinely surprised to see the complete injector rotate as very good. Inevitably, the result of the rotation was that the brass leak-off pipe pennyless.

Using the three injectors most ripped in two, a quick inspection health in their ports highlighted that that rear injector port ended up completely blocked with co2 build-up, and I attributed the leading cause to the shed injector. We also noted that there is apparently a lump of some thing that appeared as in the event that calcified carbon still in part blocking the injector in-take, but this proved not possible to eliminate.

I cleaned the backed injector port, and made a temporary repair with the fuel pipe using JB Weld ahead of reassembling the system. A good engine test confirmed we all had, at least, ceased the billowing white smoke cigarettes.

Due to a debts of brazing equipment with mother board, which happens to be utilized to affect a far more permanent repair on the particular leak-off pipe, I decided to visit various local garages and workshops to know if anyone could fashion a repair personally. However, I was out of luck.

Plan B therefore was to use the Volvo Penta Activity Service (VPAS) to source an upgraded part. He did this now Friday afternoon previous to August bank holiday as well as we had crew joining us round the following Tuesday ready for simply a sail back across that Channel. VPAS were great with identifying the correct part number, locating any local dealer, dealing implementing translation challenges, and getting them to provide it right to the marina into the Monday. However, I ended up budgeting 200 Euros for a part you will definately get online in the BRITISH for £50.
With the replacement vigor pickup installed and homemade wine beverage stocks replenished we all appreciated a lovely sail back during the entire channel stopping overnight on the inside Yarmouth, before continuing on to Portsmouth. Engine power continues to be still slightly reduced, but there were no billowing white smoke cigars.

I knew I’d should remove the cylinder head to enable you to identify the foreign object within the rear cylinder injector software, and as the boat could be moving to her winter months home in October, we enjoyed a variety of weekends in the Solent devoid of incident.
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