SEOUL, South korea, July 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Pilates make Badra is celebrating the following launch of its innovative eco-friendly yoga mats made out of natural rubbers by offering premium, stitch tagged, 100% cotton straps with easy storage and taking.

Inspired by the vital yoga pose, Badranasa, Badra has introduced some functional yoga mats to be able to express inner beauty together with natural health.
The brand-new eco-friendly yoga mats outside of Badra follow the brand's motto, "from nature to nature", utilising real natural rubbers. Their independent production executive provide ample support to the users to strike yoga exercises exercises poses more stably.

You will find three types of mats: TPE, NR, besides NBR. Each model will come in more than 7 colorings including lake gray, lilac violet, pinus radiata green, and haze buffer.

The TPE model presents high durability, maximum normal water resistance, and adhesion, therefore it can last even throughout the most difficult poses featuring its Closed Cell and many layered design. The NR style, made of natural plastic material, has enhanced non-slip operate with open cell foaming technology and Badra exclusive leaf-texture form. The NBR model, produced with Open Cell training session routines, provides dense, soft texture which often can endure repeated use without cracks on its place.

All products from Badra are often PVC free, a toxic substance with the environment and humans, as a possible element of the brand's "Badra Project" which targets on recycling with the our planet. The products could be recycled instantly when thrown away. Moreover, Badra's pilates mats get passed that SSG test, EU reach and 205 other safety tests so one can be assured to the product's safety.
In growth, the products come using a lifetime warranty to verify their quality. They are produced and manufactured through Taiwan, known for high class yoga brands.
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