So you expect me to Madden nfl 21 coins think the dev team has no opportunity to improve Madden nfl because they are too busy updating player photos and attributes for the cards in team? Madden nfl has not improved because the devs do not work on enhancing Madden nfl. You detect it whenever you boot Madden nfl upward that it is optimized properly. You can feel if you do something as simple as going to take a look at 22, the menus are. Of course the key focus to be the money maker but it's time to quit making excuses for improvement that is lackluster is wanted by the people in charge.

Whoever is leading the devs is simply not coming up with ideas for improvement and for a long time that was Rex. Each year Madden nfl is a backup glued version with a brand new paint job. The work is performed under the hood and no one has popped open the hood in years. A simple comparison is appearing at NBA 2k and also they manage to change major game mechanisms, add a lot of animations and 10x the amount of comment from broadcasters year in, year out. If you compare the sizes of Madden nfl once downloaded. 2K is an 88GB game with 20 on the sidelines only 10 players on court and 4 to 6 coaches and trainers.

It's because their developers actually care about the item. How can Madden be able to just be a 50GB match with 22 players on area, yet another 84 on the sidelines, not to mention coaches trainers and then the crowd? Football has staff, more players and fans than basketball. It monitors 2 to 3 times the number of stats than basketball does and NBA 2K is virtually twice the file size that Madden is. It's because Madden's developers are lazy, uninspired, overpaid and much worse than everything they likely aren't even soccer fans.

Wish they would fire all the Madden developers and hire 2k to make Madden for them. I use to prefer Madden over 2k back in 2005 since it had a franchise mode. They let that go down the toilet and it's not playable after a year to franchise IMO. Hope 2K gets NFL simulation rights along with Madden goes the way of NBA Live... If Madden even had half of the characteristics of NBA2k MyLeague it would be acceptable.What I don't wonder is if Madden nfl sacrificed images for performance would most appreciate it or not. I'd be nice removing all of the fancy and background player animations but I believe I may be in minority. Honestly, this really is the best madden I have played I simply wished it performed online.Lots of great ideas here that would improve Madden nfl. We require a redditor with abilities in behavioural psychology and economics to turn these into a guaranteed way that EA can earn money. That way that they stand a much better prospect of becoming in Madden nfl. Honestly, with the huge fan base right now due to the virus, they've already gained a ton of new players (and older players back). When they were to make even just some of those improvements, I feel as though it would be able to hook them make the entire player base considerably more joyful, bring in greater testimonials, etc, increasing sales. Fundamentally like an investment they will make on money.

I agree. They key is to make them see it like that. I love Madden nfl, defects and all, but am realistic enough to accept that improvements will be only implemented by EA whenever they will benefit. It is crazy to me that they don't recognize by now that when the community was taken care of more, given honest pack odds and rewards more people may not sense spited and feel like that they have to rely on third party sites for coins. Lets hope they see this shortly and give Madden nfl some real love instead of bandages year. I agree. What they've done with #stayandplay is how it ought to be in buy Mut 21 coins normal times.