Vacuum pump in beekeeping equipment

The pulp production frame or base strip shall be covered with sterilized wet towel and sent to Qianjing disinfection room. The heightening part of the platform base shall be cut off with a quick knife sterilized with alcohol, and then the larvae shall be picked out with a bamboo or stainless steel camera, and then the king's pulp shall be dug out with No. 2 oil painting brush or small shovel made of ox horn and bamboo and put into a plastic bottle. In order to improve the efficacy of digging royal jelly and improve the sanitary conditions in the process of extracting royal jelly, a pulp aspirator can be used to absorb royal jelly.

The aspirator is a kind of equipment that absorbs royal jelly from the base by the negative pressure produced by the suction device, also known as royal jelly aspirator. The utility model is composed of a suction device, a negative pressure bottle (which is omitted by some pulp absorbers), a slurry storage bottle, a spherical suction head, a pressure rubber tube and a glass tube. The air in the negative pressure bottle, the storage bottle, the glass tube and the rubber tube is continuously pumped out by the air suction device to form a negative pressure system, so that the pulp suction head can absorb the royal jelly from the foundation into the slurry storage bottle.

The electric vacuum pump is a small electric vacuum pump (pumping rate is. 5 L / s) as a pumping mechanism, it has high vacuum degree, high pumping rate and high working efficiency. But it needs a place with electricity to use.