1. Observe the dial pulse indicator flashing.

Turn off the home meter box switch or unplug all the electrical equipment in the house. If there is no equipment in the power, observe the dial pulse light of the instrument flashing. Generally, it does not blink or flash once in 10 minutes. The instrument runs. If the indicator flashes, the meter is not operating normally.

2. The total number displayed by the energy meter reading, the total energy judged by the peak power and the amount of electricity.

The numerical display shows the peak power and energy at the same time. For example, the supplementary energy of the electric power and the numerical peak and valley are equal to the total power. The meter measures normal and abnormal.

3. Turn on a relatively stable electrical equipment to observe the measured value of the instrument.

Turn off the home of all electrical equipment, record the degree of the meter display, turn off and turn on an electric water heater or rice cooker after a period of time, record the display degree of the meter, the second degree minus the power consumption of just turning on the device. According to the nameplate mark of the power equipment, the power calculation is compared with the power consumption recorded by the electricity meter to determine whether it is normal.

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