Legal Transcription is the process of transcribing legal proceedings into text format. Legal transcription is a specialized transcription placing justifiable (yet undue) efforts on confidentiality and accuracy. Every one of us knows the value of words in legal documents – making or breaking your legal cause. Audio or videotapes, digital recordings are all the raw materials needed to start transcribing every legal proceeding. 

Stenographers, who are always present in the courtroom, use stenotype to shorthand type court proceedings. Transcription, however, is a different process where a transcriber remotely creates transcription for your audio files. Transcription services help you in transcribing:

  1. Administrative hearings

  2. Court proceedings

  3. Wiretaps

  4. Arbitration proceedings

  5. Interviews, and speeches

  6. Depositions

  7. Conferences and meetings

  8. Memorandums

Transcription services are here to help you out with legal transcription needs. One should be mindful of the following when going for legal transcription services:

Confidentiality: Confidentiality is the most important parameter one should look for when acquiring online legal audio transcription services usually sign a non-disclosure agreement with professional transcribers. This combined with view per work policy guarantees that your sensitive data is safe and secure.

  • Expertise: Certified legal transcriptions should be performed by legal experts. Transcribing from a transcriber who doesn’t understand the legal lingo defeats the purpose of what online transcription is trying to achieve – accuracy and confidentiality. Medico-legal transcription is one such transcription where expert transcribers are a must.

  • Accuracy: As described before minute changes in legal wordings can affect its interpretation in the eye of the law. Accuracy thus should be the other pillar on which legal transcriptions services have to stand on. Transcription has to check for quality by various sets of eyes to guarantee accuracy.

What is an Online Transcription Service?

The process of transcription can be expedited by the use of online legal transcription services. Since the process is completely online, all you have to do is send the digital copy of your recordings and let the transcription happen. So great is the popularity of online transcription services that search for “legal transcription near me” will invariably land you on a webpage of online legal transcription service.

How Legal Transcription Services Help With Legal Proceedings:

  1. Ease of access: All you do is mail the digital recordings and transcripts created will also be emailed to you.

  2. Accuracy and confidentiality: Transcription of a single recording is performed by many transcribers. Along with view per work and a strict non-disclosure agreement, every transcriber signs Accuracy and confidentiality is placed at the forefront .

  3. Quick turnovers: As hinted before, a single project is transcribed by various sets of hands – besides providing quick turnovers also helps in achieving the optimum quality (quality is checked by every set of eyes that perform the transcription). The final transcript is put together and checked for completeness and accuracy – further enhancing the focus of quality.

  4. Language support: Language is never a barrier to legal transcription online. Online transcription services provide transcriptions for hundreds of global languages. Thus you can always ensure your transcriptions get performed without any quandaries, errors, and all within the provided deadlines.

Ensure communication, learning, and precise record-keeping for all your legal proceedings exclusively with legal transcription service for law firms.